How Can Bougie Bookkeepers LLC Help You?

We take the pain out of your bookkeeping, letting you get back to business and to enjoying life.


BB LLC will manage your data entry & provide timely bank account & credit card reconciliation.


We accurately track your revenue & expenses, and provide valuable insights into your business.


We produce up-to-date Balance Sheet & Income Statements every month.


BB LLC can help you easily manage your bill pay, payroll & more! You’ll stay compliant & in control.

Why Bougie Bookkeepers

Other than obviously the very cool name, I believe keeping books is more than just recording debits and credits. I genuinely care about each client and want to help them understand what these numbers all mean. Accountability and transparency are only a couple of my true core values. 

How I Can Assist You

How I Assist You

"Accounting is the language of business."
- Warren Buffet

What Is Your Time Worth?

All business owners should know the health of their  business on a monthly basis …not just when it is time to file taxes. How do you know if you are making money? How do you know if you are charging enough for your product or services? How do you control cost? How can you improve your bottom line?

All of this goes a long way into making the best decisions for your business as you grow. Time is our most precious commodity. Who couldn’t use more time? 

This is what my services provide …TIME. Time to work on your business. Time to grow your business.

Perhaps, more time with your family. Maybe even time for a hobby.  Whatever it is you would like more time for, I can give you that.

Let me manage your books while you manage your business. TOGETHER we can help your business grow.

Six Reasons You Will Love Working With Me

1. I am dedicated to your bookkeeping needs

It’s not just about getting a bookkeeper, you get dedication, expertise and experience working on your business.

“Bougie Bookkeepers LLC helped us to solve our problems. My information is handled with care and precision and my sense of peace has been restored.”
DeJean Wright, Recording Artist

2. I deliver accurate and timely financials

I help you understand the numbers so that you can make better decisions as your business grows.  

“BB LLC walked me through the parts of my business that I’ve struggled with for a long time. Not only do I have reports that I can always refer to but I also understand what the numbers are telling me.” 
– Jumana Kanya, Moon Love Jewelry

3. I have a wide array of experience in different industries

No two industries are the same but our experience understands the roadmap to many different types. My portfolio includes many businesses.

“BB LLC has alleviated a lot of the burdensome day to day tasks. Having the numbers side of it handled by a professional really took a load off.”
– Sarah, Baker

4. I have expertise in a broad range of tools and software

I stay up-to-date on all the new financial tools available so that I can best match each of my clients with the right solutions.

“BB LLC is very knowledgeable about technology and how to apply it to our business.” 
-Irma, Content Creator

5. I make tax season easy

When disaster strikes (and it always does), I will be there to support you. I turn things around on a tight deadline and I’m easy to reach.

“I have had a few “new business owner” emergencies. Melanie stepped up and produced all the docs I needed. And within 72 hour or less. I’m just not sure the guy down the street could have made the time like that.” 
– Kathy, Personal Trainer

6. I offer great value for your money

My packages start at an affordable rate. I am armed with industry knowledge, and the latest tech and you’ll find that you’re getting far more bang for your buck. 

Not only have my monthly bookkeeping costs been cut in half, but my time has been freed up significantly to work on other parts of the business.” 
– Nancy, Stylist


If you’re ready to save money, become more profitable, and most importantly, never worry about your books again, get a FREE Consultation today.