A Little About Me

It is my sincere desire to not only help small business owners keep track of their business but to also teach them how to be better business owners.

My Niche

Having spent over the last 20 years in bookkeeping and most recently, I found the need for dedicated bookkeeping services geared toward small business owners. I worked 7 years in a Certified Public Accounting office as senior accountant. That is where I found my passion!

I love the challenges of creating books from literally boxes of receipts at times. It became a puzzle for me. I found my niche. Most people leave their books for the last minute or as the last thing to do when thinking of starting or setting up a business. 

Let's be honest, the only time we probably think about bookkeeping when it is time to file our taxes. Usually the sticker price of that motivates us to think "maybe I do need a bookkeeper".

My Mission

What is YOUR TIME Worth?

My mission is to leverage my expertise and skillset to provide value-added accounting & bookkeeping services to the small business market.

Bougie Bookkeepers LLC is about connecting with its clients on a sincere level that is manifested through the quality and integrity of my work. You manage your business while I manage your books.

Bougie Bookkeepers LLC Interview

It is my sincere quest to alleviate some of the pressures of running a business. Let me crunch those numbers so you can continue building and growing your business.
Melanie Mattingly
Founder & Lead Accountant